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This service is FREE of charge to journalists, reporters, TV producers and researchers.  However, since Mothers Over 40 is a non-profit venture and costs me money to build and maintain, any support would be gratefully received. If you feel that you would like to make a donation towards supporting this site and service, please email me at jandersen8888 at live dot com.

If you would like to use my comments in a feature and I am not available for interview, please feel free to take what you need from the following article, which was based on questions that I have been asked in the past by radio/tv presenters and journalists:

Midlife Parenting – Q&As

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British Couples Wanted for Campaign about Relationships

I've just been contacted by a production company called ClearStory who are working on an exciting new campaign about relationships. They wish to speak to British couples of all ages and stages in their relationship with a view to finding couples to participate in the campaign. All couples taking part will be compensated for their time (£500 per couple). Filming will take place on one of three days; 21st, 22nd or 23rd March for a maximum of half a day. If you are interested, please feel free to contact Gina Birch at  or telephone 020 3432 1230

British Mums Over 40 Wanted for TV Report

By way of introduction, we are the UK bureau of REN TV Russia ( It's one of the five largest TV companies in Russia and the FSU with an audience of 170 million people.

We are making a news TV report about women in Europe who have their children after the age of forty. Is it a challenge?

We aim to show that in Europe - in the UK, specifically - the cases of women 40 and even 50+ giving birth to healthy children are common. It might be more difficult and stressful than at twenty, but it still works and there is no need to be afraid or choose not to have a child because of the old wives' tales.

So we are looking for mum who'll be willing to talk to us and share her story. We need a strong, positive character who might inspire women in Russia.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Elizaveta Gerson on or telephone 07854 468900

Posted 4 February 2015

Canadian Parents Wanted for Documentary

I am working with documentarian, Corey Lee who is creating a new project on dynamic Alberta families.  The letter attached reveals more.

We are seeking participants; new parents over 40.  Is your story is challenging and joyful?  Perhaps, you had a miracle baby?

This series, to be broadcast in 2015 in Alberta, will showcase a number of families.

We do not use social media to find participants for our projects.  So please, do not post this on any social media site.  Instead, we target individuals who are mindful and eager to bring forward individuals who are truly fascinating.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me (Kristina Obad) at

Posted 8 January 2015