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Over 40 Mums With Their Bumps 'n' Babes
Julie Donner Andersen, 43, with baby Chelsea

Julie is a happily married, work-at-home freelancer and mom of three who lives in Ontario, Canada. Julie is also the author of PAST: Perfect! PRESENT: Tense!  Insights From One Woman's Journey As The Wife Of A Widower" and is currently writing a humour book about midlife called "Been There, Done That, Bought The Wonder Bra:  Reflections of an Experienced Midlife Mom" .

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Jan Andersen
Experiences of Older Mothers
Coreen and Mike Smith from New Brunswick, Canada with their respective bellies!  Coreen was 38 and seven months' pregnant when this photo was taken. Below is their beautiful baby Corey - on the left at two and a half months of age and on the right at two and a half years of age meeting a friend at the end of a driveway!!!! Isn't he adorable?
Gina from Maine, New England

Gina at 45.7 with her husband Darin, preparing to deliver her 4th child the next day! Ms. Logan Alexandria arrived at 10:50 the next day, perfect, healthy and beautiful!!!!!!

Isn't this a fabulous photo?
Jenna, aged 2 (born October 2000), beautiful daughter of Gillian May, aged 40 from Toronto, Canada.
Gina Carson, 43, from the US, with Hope, aged 2.  Isn't she cute?
Carolyn McGrath, 41 from Norfolk, England with her 28-week "bump" and two of her four daughters, Georgie 10, and Sydney 2 1/2 years of age. Her other daughters are aged 19 and 15.  Carolyn's baby is due on 7 June 2003 (one day after my birthday - it will be a great baby!!)
Welcome to baby Ty Vance McGrath, born 5 June 2003. Ty is pictured with his mum Carolyn and three of his four big sisters above and a solo portrait below!
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Julie Donner Andersen
Coreen Smith
Baby Corey Smith
Baby Jenna
Gina Carson and Hope
Carolyn and "Bump"
Carolyn and Baby Ty
Ingie Arvidsson and baby Emma
Wendy Chamberlain and Kasia
Carol Litchfield and baby Andrew
Jane Monger and baby Lara
Lisa Galiatsatos and baby Melina
Regina Mester and baby Ariane
Kathleen Willmann with baby Spencer
Lynette and "Bump"
Baby Nathaniel James Davis
Kelly Scharf and baby Daine
Steve & Helen Stockman with twins Katelyn and Kristin
Paulina , 41, with "Bump" and baby Danielle
Brionne and babies Mayanne and Zachary
Belinda and baby Mia
Lanita with baby Melanie and family
Emma, Damien and "Bump"
Christine Munger and baby Maren
Julie Richo with baby Harry and family
Dawn Podmore with baby Evie

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