Enhancing Fertility After Age 40

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by Jan Andersen

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Fertility is the major area of concern for women over 40 seeking to become pregnant, not least because of the abundance of negative statistics that serve only to cause unnecessary anxiety and decreasing hope. The truth is that may women have the ability to conceive naturally well into their forties and to give birth to perfectly healthy babies. 

The aim of this book is to help you maximise your chances of conceiving after the age of 40, taking into consideration all aspects of health and natural therapies to enhance fertility. It is not necessary to practice every therapy recommended within this book and my advice would be to assess your health as a whole initially and then choose a programme that you feel will suit your personal needs. 

This book also covers male fertility, which is a factor that some people forget to take into consideration, particularly when a woman is over 40 and the assumption is that she is the one with fertility problems. This is often not the case, with a high percentage of men suffering from infertility and sub-fertility in couples who are having difficulty conceiving. Fortunately, simple changes in diet and lifestyle can often help to alleviate these problems.


Chapter One:            Recognising Signs of Fertility
Chapter Two:            Diet and Nutrition
Chapter Three:          The Mind-Body Connection
Chapter Four:            Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements
Chapter Five:             Ayurveda for Fertility 
Chapter Six:              Acupuncture for Fertility
Chapter Seven:          Reflexology for Fertility
Chapter Eight:           Aromatherapy for Fertility
Chapter Nine:            Chemicals, Environment and Fertility
Chapter Ten:             DHEA and Fertility 
Chapter Eleven:         Feng Shui for Fertility
Chapter: Twelve:        Astrology and Lunar Fertility
Chapter: Thirteen:      Progesterone and Fertility
Chapter Fourteen:      How Light and Dark Affects Fertility 
Chapter Fifteen:         Legends, Myths, Symbols and Old Wives' Tales
Chapter Sixteen:        Fertility Spells and Rituals
Chapter Seventeen:    Exercise and Fertility
Chapter Eighteen:      Lifestyle
Chapter Nineteen:      The Male Factor 
Chapter Twenty:         Chiropractic Treatment and Fertility
Chapter Twenty-one:   Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms (with real experiences from real women)
Chapter Twenty-two     The Spiritual Connection

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Just wanted to say that I thought your book was fabulous. I also loved that you were honest enough to share excerpts of it on the web before we had to purchase. And it was SOOOO cheap. Prior to that I have been fleeced by the"Pregnancy Miracle" - no previews, expensive, misleading and basically didn't tell you upfront you more or less have to go to a TCM practitioner. There was a bit of helpful stuff in there, but not nearly as good and honest as your book. Anyway - well done you - and this 45-year-old mother of one is trying again. Good to hear some positive stories and read useful tips.

Clare, New Zealand

"This is a fantastic book! This gives us hope. Thank you very much for writing this, and please wish me luck! Thanks again." 

Beth, 45, York, UK

“At last! A book that caters specifically for would-be mums over 40 and one that covers aspects of health and fertility that are not always mentioned in other fertility books that I have read. The book has not been written from a remote and academic medical point of view, but from an author who has been there herself, conceived naturally and given birth after the age of 40. I particularly like the personal touch of including quotes from real older mums and inspirational quotes at the beginning of each chapter.”

Ruth, 46, Midwife, UK

“I just wanted to write an say THANK YOU!  I was at the point of no hope when a friend of mine recommended your book. At 44, I had been written off by so many doctors and was basically told to go away and forget about having another baby, or to consider egg donation. A little voice in my head told me that there was still a chance. After following the guidelines laid out in your book, I am delighted to tell you that I am now five months' pregnant and everything is going well. All the tests so far indicate that the baby is healthy and has no chromosomal abnormalities. I took great delight in writing to all those negative doctors and informing them that I managed to conceive naturally and that they should perhaps start to rethink their attitudes towards women over 40 wishing to have a baby without medical intervention. Thank you so much again. Without your book, I may have given up hope altogether."

Esme, 45, Teacher, Australia

“What a breath of fresh air this book is for those of us who have been written off by the medical profession. The author reproduces invaluable medical information in a form that is easy to follow and put into practice. It covers so many aspects that I hadn’t even considered when trying to maximise my chances of conception. I would highly recommend this book to any older couple wishing to start or increase a family.”

Helen, 42, Solicitor, UK

"Empowering is the best single word I can think of to describe this book. The recommendations are comprehensive, yet systematic and easy to follow! It reads so smoothly and swiftly, it's almost deceiving. I learned so much and had other knowledge validated and feel so relieved that what I have been doing, I've mostly been doing right, and what I still need to do is spelled out in black & white (& color)! After reading Enhancing Fertility After Age 40, I feel more than hopeful, I feel CERTAIN!”

Linda MacLeod-Goodman, Astrologer and Writer, US

“While many midlife moms get pregnant “accidentally” (myself included!), this book addresses men and women who are consciously attempting to conceive a child in midlife.  For these folks, traditional methods have often failed them, and they find themselves at a loss as to where to turn next.  Jan Andersen’s book “Enhancing Fertility After Age 40” offers the usual fertility advice, but better still, it offers hope as the author gently advises the reader about alternative methods and resources to try, many of which are available but not widely known.  

Ms. Andersen has a succinct style of organizing important data without appearing preachy or condescending.  On the contrary, Ms. Andersen’s book is written in easy-to-comprehend layman’s terminology, and reads like one mom who has “been there, done that, bought the T-shirt” to another who is “Trying to get there – need help”.  

Although not a medical expert, Ms. Andersen’s experience and credentials make her a trustworthy advisor in the field of midlife fertility.  I recommend this book to all women (and their partners!) over age 40 who may be close to losing hope of conceiving.  I’m sure Ms. Andersen will be receiving many baby announcements in the years to come from readers who have applied her sage wisdom to their own lives!”

Julie Donner Andersen (no relation to Jan Andersen!), author of “Parentally Insane:  Insights From The Edge…of Midlife!” and “PAST: Perfect! PRESENT: Tense!  Insights from One Woman’s Journey As The Wife of a Widower”, both available at Amazon.com.

Click here to read some chapter excerpts

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase

Please note that when you purchase a copy of Enhancing Fertility After Age 40, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, then please do not purchase a copy of this book.

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Click here to read some chapter excerpts
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Improve Your Fertility Naturally
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