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Experiences of Older Mothers WorldWide
Gaynor, 40, UK
Jane, 41, UK
Lesley, 47, UK
Christiane, 47, US
Lisa, 42, US
Kristi, US
Susan, 42, AUS
Nikki, 43, AUS
Penny, 46, UK
Liz, 43, UK
Maria, 43, UK
Sherri, 45
Felicia, 42, US
Jane, 44, UK
Carol, 45, UK
Regina, 39
Susan, 50, Scotland
Ziva, 42, Israel
Linda, 47, US
Maria, 43, UK

What a relief! There are other women out there who are over 40 and have had babies I thought I was the only one.

I had my daughter four days before my 37th birthday I then developed a condition called endometriosis and at the age of 41 was admitted to hospital where I had to have one of my ovaries and a fallopian tube removed due to a cyst. I mentioned to the doctor that I would have loved another baby and she told me that it was virtually impossible that I would conceive, due to my age and the medical condition I suffered from, and that even if I did, a miscarriage would be more likely and of course the high risk of a Down's Syndrome baby. I was advised to have a Hysterectomy and I had started to come round to the idea, so after moving from central London to Lancashire, I decided that after Christmas I would get an appointment with the doctor and set the ball rolling. 

Somebody once asked me how to make God laugh and the answer was to tell Him your plans. How true. 

After a great Christmas I began to feel a little under the weather. I put it down to overindulging. My period was late, but it just seemed such an impossibility that I could be pregnant. However, I felt so tired and under the weather that just to put my mind at rest I did a pregnancy test and to my utter disbelief it was positive. 

So, to cut a nine month story short, my gorgeous son was born weighing 8lb 9oz on September 18th 2003. I was 43 on 8th December 2003. I declined all the tests that the medical profession tried to thrust on me. I couldn't have terminated my pregnancy, so we just hoped for the best. The first question I asked after I had him was if he was OK. It was a huge relief to be told that he was perfect. My pregnancy had gone fine as well. It was a natural birth and all over in under three hours. 

I still can't believe how incredibley lucky I am to be the Mother of two adorable children.So it just goes to show that the experts don't always know best. 
Maria and "Bump"
Maria's husband with their gorgeous baby Tom
Sherri, 45

A child is a gift of God and should be taken as so.  I am a single mom (age 45).  My son is a year old now.  My pregnancy was a total surprise (I was taking birth control).  I had never
planned to have a child, but it is the most wonderful thing that  has every happened to me.  I was concerned due to my age but my doctors reasurred me and I followed their instructions to a "T". 

I have been a single person for sooooo long and now I have someone to be with and enjoy life with.  I am discovering the world all over again through my son's eyes. Everything is brand new.  My son is the LIGHT in my life now.  He keeps me busy ( in a good way) and I love it.

MY words to older women - don't hesitate and don't be afraid - it is WONDERFUL!

Felicia, 42, US - 25 and 23 yr old, now with 8 week old Lajoncia

I already had two kids in my early teens, now grown and with kids of there own  "yes I am a grandmother of three fine boys who I adore age 5, 3 and 1,  never for a minute thinking I would have a another child, but to my surprise married June 14, 2003 took a honeymoon cruise to Mexico.

But let me start from the beginning, I had already set a date at the first part of June of the same year before the wedding to have my tubes tied (against my new husbands wish who by the way have no kids) but then decided to wait till after the honeymoon -- because I wanted to be free of any pain are complications that might interfere with the cruise  (this was the advice of my younger sister who had hers tied a year ago - she and her fiancé also went on the cruise with us). A month after we return I go in to have the surgery done and was told by the nurse my pregnancy test I had to take before, had come back positive---to my surprise I  was going to have a baby at 42.   Needless to say my husband john (39) was happy as can be, but the ideal of having a baby had to grow on me (literally).  I was afraid at my age of the responsibilities that go with having a child - after all it was he and I alone for so long.    We now have a baby girl born Feb 17th 2004. 4lb 14oz a little small bundle of joy and beautiful.

This was truly a blessing for us we love and cherish her with all our hearts.  I had a roller coaster pregnancy, but everything worked out fine when I looked at her and she took that first look up at me I know this was one of the best things that could have happened to me at my age.  What would I do without her now?

I just wanted to share a part of our blessing to anyone who wants to here.  If I could have said everything I would have but the whole story would have taken too  longggggggggg.

Jane, 44, UK

I wanted to write and let you know that I had two very positive pregnancies and births in my 40's and hope that it will encourage and give confidence to other mothers-to-be of a similar age.
I conceived my first child naturally at the age of 39, had a completely problem-free pregnancy and went into labour spontaneously 10 days early (when I was 40) - my son was in a breech position and I was advised to have a Caesarian.  However, my labour progressed much faster than anticipated and my son decided that he was going to arrive feet first - not ideal by any means, and as there was no time for a Caesarian, I gave birth to him naturally.  I managed the entire labour with only gas and air felt incredibly proud of myself!
I had no problem conceiving my second child at the age of 42.  Again, I had a completely problem-free pregnancy, and, literally, a two hour labour!  My son was born naturally and again I had only gas and air.
I am aware that I was lucky that I had no problems, but I want to reassure women in their 40's that it is entirely possible to have good pregnancies, easy and quick labours, and to manage without the use of drugs or unnecessary intervention during the birth.  One reads so much about elective Caesarian, and although I have friends who opted to have elective Caesarians, I feel that they have missed out on a natural birth which for me, and for many women I know, was an incredibly positive experience.  

Carol, 45, UK

Hi my name is Carol.  I live in the UK.  I had my first baby, a gorgeous little girl, when I was 43.  She is now 2 1/2.  We tried conceiving for about 8 months before I finally became pregnant.  All the doctors gave me a very low statistic for getting pregnant because of my age... however, I did not believe them and chose not to have their recommended IVF treatment.
We decided to try for another baby, and I have just found out I am 6 weeks pregnant, having fallen pregnant in the first month of trying.  I am overjoyed.

I can't say that I followed any plans, or changed my diet in anyway to get pregnant.  However, I am a vegetarian and I haven't eaten any red meat, turkey or chicken for over 20 years, but I do eat fish.  My diet consists of tons of fresh veggies, fruit, pasta, grains, pulses, etc. and of course fish.  I don't eat processed food and stay away from ready meals as much as possible.  Plus, I am a firm believer in not drinking or eating anything with aspartame in it, which is tricky as it is everywhere.  I also try to limit E numbers as much as possible.  Whether this has had any bearing I don't know.
I drink gallons of water every day and drink very little tea and coffee, which is decaffeinated too.
I love a glass or two of wine (which sadly is taboo now) and eat far too much cheese !!!

For all you of you trying to get pregnant, remain positive, it will happen !!
Good luck.

Posted 22 July 2004
Regina, 39, West Virginia, US

Finally a mom at 38!  I had never been pregnant before and could not believe that after 11 years with my partner I finally became pregant.

I was always used to it being the other guy, never me, for what ever reason.  I was always happy for the other person, but wondered what it would  be like for us?  

I was soooo excited, went off to my OBGYN and felt like a million bucks.  When he opened my door looking at my new chart, he wheeled himself up into my face. I was still excited.
And the next thing I heard was Down Syndrome and age factor, repeated over and over. I got upset and cried.  He offered no tissue.  I was upset for 3 months, thinking and eating deformities and DS.
I went through some tests, no amio, but a alpha feto protein which was fine.
So, I finally pulled myself together and became happy with myself and my baby regardless. I was not going to let this man cheat me!  No way.
I gave birth  to a 6.12 pound baby girl named India. She is HEALTHY!   I was 37 weeks when I had her and I got preclamsia, so they induced.
I thank God everyday for this baby and let me tell you this has been the most loving and blessed moment in my life!  

Do not let anyone, regardless, cheat you of a moment that will be a lifetime of happiness.
I will be 40 soon and to be honest I am sort of hoping for another baby, but yet worried. What if, always that what if, pops up in your mind.

God has a plan for all of us, and our children.  So i will wait.

Posted 23 August 2004

Susan, 50, Shetlands, Scotland (Updated on 21 November 2007)

I would like add to my earlier email, in Sept 04, where I was expecting twins and waiting for my 20 week scan.

The scan was fine, the rest of my pregnancy was fine too, and Elsie and Hannah were born by caesarean section on the 2 Jan 05.  35 weeks, weighing 5 lbs, spent a couple of days in scbu, and then went from strength to strength.

They are now nearly 3, will be starting nursery in the new year, and are a total joy. I love being an older mum, I have so much patience and get so much pleasure from them that I missed with my two older children, because I was too wrapped up in my own life when I had them.

Yes, some people assume I am their granny, and yes, it does upset me a little, but what the heck.  They love me unreservedly, and, hopefully, my age will never be an issue.

I was 50 this year, and am about to become a granny.  Life is pretty good, if exhausting. 

Original message:

Hi, I'm Susan, and I am 47 and expecting naturally conceived twins in Feb 05.  I just wanted to post a message to let all the older would be mums out there know that it is possible, and that 47 is NOT too old.  I have had amnio, because of my age my chance of Downs was 1:15, but the tests came back all clear, I have my 20 week anomaly scan next week, so fingers crossed this is also OK.

I wanted to have a baby because my new (gorgeous) husband is 10 years younger that me, and doesn't have any children (I already have a son 28 and a daughter 24), but when I found out at my 16 week scan that we were expecting twins, it was a bit more than I bargained for.  We are very happy though, especially my husband, who is himself a twin.

We live in Shetland, north of Scotland.

Keep trying, and keep your chins up - at least trying is fun!!

All the best,

Posted 13 September 2004

Pip, 50, UK
Caroline, 47, UK
Melissa, 40, Canada
Vanessa, 47, Austria
Lanita, 47, Austria
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Lisa, 47, US
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Elsie and Hannah, aged 3
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