Enhancing Fertility After Age 40: An environmentally-friendly e-book

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Mothers Over 40 is an inspirational, encouraging and positive global resource for older mums (or older moms if you are US-based) and older fathers from all walks of life. The aim is to offer hope, reassurance and comfort to midlife parents by providing links to invaluable resources, articles and organisations. The site also contains information on a wide range of health, lifestyle and social issues and a penpal page to enable midlife parents to connect with each other.

The site is for anyone hoping to achieve pregnancy after age 40, whether they have opted for natural conception or are undergoing IVF procedures.

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"Many people assume that celebrities who have babies after 40 must have undergone expensive fertility treatment. That is simply not true. I am a well-known celebrity and conceived naturally after 40. A woman's reproductive system does not know whether or not she is famous. Our bodies are just the same as those of non-celebrities. Some of us will conceive easily the natural way and others may need a little help. All the fame and money in the world will not have any influence on the outcome, whether natural or assisted. I loved Jan's book, Enhancing Fertility After Age 40 and would recommend it highly to anyone planning to conceive."

Celebrity Actress and Singer, UK

"Just wanted to say that I thought your book (Enhancing Fertility After Age 40) was fabulous. I also loved that you were honest enough to share excerpts of it on the web before we had to purchase. And it was SOOOO cheap. Prior to that I have been fleeced by a Pregnancy Miracle programme - no previews, expensive, misleading and basically didn't tell you upfront you more or less have to go to a TCM practitioner. There was a bit of helpful stuff in there, but not nearly as good and honest as your book. Anyway - well done you - and this 45-year-old mother of one is trying again. Good to hear some positive stories and read useful tips."

Clare, New Zealand

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"What a good idea - I enjoyed viewing your site."

Cherie Booth QC, UK
(wife of former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair)

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"Don't let anyone steal your dream. It's your dream, not theirs."  

Dan Zadra

If you are in the US, please feel free to visit A Child After 40 (formerly FlowerPowerMom) the Stateside sister site to Mothers Over 40.
Mothers Over 40
Enhancing Fertility After Age 40
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