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A Selection of Articles by Jan Andersen

Pregnancy and Parenting
Health, Beauty and Self-Image
Social Issues
Psychology and Relationships
Women's Issues
Men's Issues
Teen Issues
Healing and Spiritual

I ghostwrite regular articles on behalf of clients for national publications, including the Independent, the Guardian, the Huff Post and the Washington Post
Pregnancy, Parenting and Family

Over 45 and Pregnant - What Will People Think?
Pregnancy and Birth at 40+
The Advantages of Being an Older Parent
Amniocentesis - A Comprehensive Guide
Building Self-Esteem in The Child Who Feels Different
Preparing Your Body For Midlife Pregnancy
How to Handle Schoolyard Bullying
The Joys and Benefits of Breastfeeding a Toddler
Dealing With Negativity From Other People (when you are over 40 and pregnant)
Passive Smoking - Children Don't Have a Choice
Nurturing The Genius in Your Child
Educational Birthday Parties Without Tears
How Harmful is Parental Favouritism?
How to Communicate With Your Teenager
How to Behave Like a Teenage Boy
Talking to Your Children About Sex
How to Eat Like a Toddler
Fully Qualified Parent
Explaining War and Violence to Children
Cold, Hungry and Homeless - It Could Be You
Falsely Accused Of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy
Diagnosed With Cancer Whilst Pregnant
Eating For Good Behaviour
Families at War  When Children are Used as Weapons
Does Your Family Control Your Life?
Is Watching TV Detrimental to Children's Health?
Becoming a Grandmother and a Mother in The Same Year
Would You Trust an Au-Pair?
MMR Risks Are Simply Media Hype
Addicted To Pregnancy And Babies 
Is Your Child Depressed?
Healthy Eating For Pregnant And Lactating Vegetarian Mums
Bringing A New Baby Into A Blended Family

Health, Beauty and Self-Image

Why Real Men Prefer Larger Women
My Bum Looks Big in Everything
Curvy  People Are the Majority, Not The Minority
Better to Have a Large Body Than a Small Mind
Remove Your Personality With Botox
A Celebration of Wrinkles
Cellulite, Cellulite Everywhere!
A Facelift Without Surgery (...and for free!)
Oh No!  It's That Time Of The Month Again!  (A Humorous Look at PMS)
Why I'm Thankful For My Stretchmarks
My Love Affair With Calories 
The Strife of Swimwear Shopping
Where Did All Those Lumps Come From?
Re-defining The Parameters of Beauty
Slow Your Body's Ageing Process
Journal Writing as Therapy
Avoiding The Cosmetic Surgery Butchers
Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals in the Home
Hypnosis For Fertility
Infertility - Is it All in The Mind?
Cosmetic Products to Avoid During Pregnancy
Fertility Rituals Around The World
Lunar Fertility - Fact or Myth?
The Role of Progesterone in Fertility
Guide to Achieving and Maintaining Beautiful Skin, Naturally
Mineral Cosmetics - The Future of Make Up
Anti Aging Strategies........ Without Surgery
Dry Skin  Causes, Symptoms and Remedies
Ayurveda For a Healthy, Stress-Free Life
Massage and Ergonomics – Bringing the Salon to Your Home
Skin Care at 20, 30, 40, 50 and Beyond
Skin Care Through The Seasons
Understanding and Treating Acne
Essential Oils For Beautiful Skin
Natural Healing With Aromatherapy
Paraffin Baths – For Beautiful Skin and Effective Relief From Pain
The Essential Guide to Beautiful Hair
Bath and Body Care For Beautiful Skin All Year Round

Social Issues

Will Your Children Take a One Way Trip to Needle Death?
Employ Me Because of My Age, Not in Spite of It
A Poem For My Son Kristian (read at his funeral on 22 November 2002)
Age Gap Relationships
Endearing Quirks and Revolting Habits
The Countess of Wessex Was Hoodwinked
Even Famous People Fart
The Link Between Flies and Men
Regaining Your Confidence After Divorce
"Mummy, Are We Going to Die?"  Talking to children about the Iraq conflict


A Designer Wardrobe on a Budget
Introduction to Feng Shui
Christmas Shopping and Men Don't Mix! Humour by Jan Andersen
Please Mr Postman!   A Humorous Look at Valentine's Day
Pumpkin Carving For All The Family
Why Rowing is The Sexiest Sport
Male v Female Drivers
What Men Say and How Women Interpret It
Men, Women and the Housework Thing
Feng Shui - A Load of Old Phooey??
A Paradise For Thieves
Why I Hate Toasters
A Designer Home on a Budget
Mother's Day For All Mothers and Caregivers

Psychology & Relationships

How to Find Your Perfect Partner by Thought Alone
The Subtleties of Plagiarism
Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming
What Do Women Really Want in a Partner?
What Men Say and How Women Interpret It
The Art of Misinterpretation
How Far Would Your Go To Get Revenge?
Self-Injury - "Nothing Feels as Good as Pain"
Learning to be Happy
Can Happiness Be Inherited?
Coping With His Relationship With Her
The Truth is Written on His Face
The Highs and Lows of Being a Mistress
What Makes Him Tick?
Fall in Love With Your Partner Again
Why Men Prefer Being Married
Deciphering His Body Language
Can You Detect a Cheater by His Appearance?
The Perfect Man Myth
Prevent Your Partner From Straying
Is Your Lover a Professional Single?
My Husband Ran Off With His Cyber Lover
Revenge Affairs
Conduct a Pre-Relationship Investigation
How to Catch a Cheating Partner


Businesses Who Profit From Hiring Freelance Writers
How International Standardisation Supports Global Expansion
The Financial Impact of Customer Loyalty
Improve Your Marketing Success With Neuro Linguistic Programming


Working Options for Mothers - What's Best For The Children?
Employ Me Because of My Age, Not in Spite of It
Forensic Sculptors - Bringing The Dead Back To Life
When Your Boss is The Bully
Negotiating a Telecommuting Position with your Employer
People Who Make A Living From Insurance Claims

Women's Issues

Pregnancy Following Rape
Women Who Abuse Their Men
What's Your Definition Of Infidelity?
When You Want A Baby And Your Partner Doesn't 
Post Abortion Syndrome
Menopause And Sexuality
Are You At Risk Of Being Stalked?
Jilted At The Altar
The Risks and Benefits of HRT
Women Who Are Afraid of Ageing
Young Widows
Cheating Men Confess
Do All Men Cheat?
Do Cheaters Ever Stop Cheating?

Men's Issues

Serial Cheaters
Men and Eating Disorders
Can You Tell if a Man Will Cheat?
Male Menopause
Why Rowing is The Sexiest Sport
Penis Reading
Men Who Can't Wait For Fatherhood

Teen Issues

Bullied by a Teacher
Bullied by Classmates
Possessive Friends
Why Real Boys Prefer Curvy Girls
The Problem With Stepfamilies
Coping Without a Mother
A Designer Wardrobe on a Budget
Are Your Parents Spying on You?
Crush on a Teacher
Secrets:  When to Keep Quiet, When to Tell
Having the Courage to be Different
Introducing Your Boyfriend to Your Parents
Age Gap Relationships
My Friend is Talking About Suicide -  What Should I Do?

Healing and Spiritual

The Healing Power of Trees
Communicating with Your Angels
The Healing Power of Crystals
An Angel Saved My Life
Astral Projection
Meditation For Beginners
The Positive Impact of Distance Healing
Colour Therapy
How Our Previous Lives Affect Our Current Life
The Healing Power of The Mind
The Power of Creative Visualisation

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