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What a good idea - I enjoyed viewing your site.

Cherie Booth QC, UK (wife of former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair)

Congratulations on a job well done.  Please accept this little award as our way of paying tribute to all your hard work, talents, creativity, and knowledge.  We believe that your 
site will be of benefit to women everywhere.

Candalee Swayze, Editor, Whispers Online Magazine For Women

think Jan's site is quite simply an oasis of support for each other, discovery of the truth that women over 40 are having healthy babies and a vital information centre where women kind find out the real facts about later motherhood. Purely by the fact that it's about women listening and sharing with other women, makes the site a unique kind of therapy that you couldn't hope to buy anywhere in the world.

Nadine Higgins, UK

would like to take this time to say what a blessing Jan's site is.I have only been on it for a few months but I have learned so much from it.I have also made so many friends which I will always treasure.This site is an inspiration to so so many, truly a blessing.I just know your son is very proud of you and is with you always.Things happen for a reason and you created this site for so many women who want so desperately to have a baby.You have given us so much love, hope, faith, wisdom, encouragement, guidance and friendship,etc. We love you and your site and I wish you all the best! 

Gina Carson, US

would firstly like to congratulate Jan on setting up this site and bringing together so many women all striving for the most beautiful gift in the world. Although I am a fertility expert at a top UK clinic, which shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons, I can confirm that I have witnessed some highly unscrupulous tactics used by certain fertility specialists and clinics. I have spoken to many couples who had allegedly undergone fertility tests at some of these clinics and were told that they had 0% chance of conceiving naturally. When these couples then came to me for a second opinion, I performed the same tests and from the results I would estimate that approximately 80% of these couples should have eventually been able to conceive naturally. These practices horrify me, since there are enough genuinely infertile couples out there who need help.  

There is no reason why a healthy woman over the age of 40, who is having regular periods and who is otherwise in excellent health, should not be able to have a baby. These women should be encouraged, not discouraged, especially since they will undoubtedly provide the strong foundations that a child needs in order to develop into a delightful young person. There are too many children in the world who are unwanted and unloved - often born to young parents - so maybe all the people who are opposed to older parents should refocus their sights on those neglected children.

Brian MB ChB, PhD, FRCOG, UK

This site is such a welcome addition in a world where 40 is the new 30 as far as having babies is concerned.  I am 47 and gave birth to healthy twin girls at the tender age of 46.  I had a relatively problem-free pregnancy and carried my babies to 38 weeks.  They were both a very healthy weight - 6lbs 1oz and 6lbs 7oz - that's the equivalent to a twelve and a half pound single baby!!  My body may not have sprung instantly back into shape as it did after the birth of my other four children, but hey, who cares?  I haven't done badly for a pre-menopausal woman and I have two beautfiul, healthy daughters.  Nothing else matters!  Well done Jan - keep on giving everyone encouragement!

Gwen, Cardiff, Wales

Thank you, thank you, thank you!.  As a 45-year-old who is seriously considering another baby with my younger partner, I was becoming weary of all the negative comments from other people.  Your site and wonderful attitude have given me the strength and encouragement I needed, not to mention some superb comebacks to insensitive remarks from others and a lot of belly laughs into the bargain.  

Helena, Durban, South Africa

I am 44 and seven months' pregnant with my fifth child.  If I could have found this site when I first became pregnant, it would have saved months of anxiety.  Mothers Over 40 is awesome.  I shall be making regular visits from now on.

Lanie, Colorado, USA

Fantastic site!  Congratulations.  Not only have you given me hope as a 42-year-old who would desperately like another baby, but you made me fall about laughing with your humour.

Marianne, Brisbane, Australia

I have been searching the web for information on being pregnant after 40.  Like you, most of the information I have found has terrified me. Your personal story made me laugh and has given me hope. Not to mention being the only site that I have found exclusively about pregnancy after 40.

Jasmine, Sydney, Australia

What an inspiring site.  I am 45 years old and am having symptoms of pregnancy.  My main concern is what if I am and what about my age? So I turned to the Internet and discovered your site.  It gave me a tremendous amount of reassurance and made me realise that I am not alone.

Brenda, Buckinghamshire, UK

I have just found your wonderful site and read your article about your pregnancy and the birth of your daughter Lauren and I simply wanted to thank you.  I am a 48-year-old divorced man who is in a second relationship with a beautiful lady who is 46.  We have recently discussed the possibility of having our own child and I am relieved to see that we are not completely insane, thanks to your encouragement.  I do wish you and your family all the best in life and may God bless you.

Paul, London, United Kingdom

I found your site very encouraging!    I am 43 years old and pregnant for the first time. I have heard so many horror stories and cautions and was craving a bit of light at the end of this tunnel and you gave that to me! Now I can at least feel as if foetal abnormality is not a foregone conclusion.  Thank you also for writing about your own experience.  I know it has given me a brighter outlook and has helped me to become more excited and a little less scared. With heartfelt thanks.

Kirsten, Oslo, Norway

I loved your story and laughed many times.  My biological clock is winding down and I am trying to find out if I can have children after a tubal ligation. I never thought I would divorce at the age of 46 and fall in love with a much younger man.  As a writer myself, I wanted to commend you on a job well done; on paper as well as in the labor room.

Carina, California, USA

Mothers Over 40 is a fantastic feat!!  It is bound to be a welcome resource for women who, while expected to concede to twenty-year-olds and look forward to becoming grannies in the near future, are able sock it to 'em all by becoming pregnant.  I'm all for it!!

Linda, AdviceHQ, UK

I cannot describe how happy I am to have found your site.  After reading some of the messages on the forum and realising that there are mothers over 45 who are pregnant, or trying for a baby, at 41 I am beginning to feel quite young!!  I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my third child (the first with my new husband) and your site has given me so much encouragement.  At this rate, I will be trying for a few more babies before all my eggs reach their "sell by" date!

Carol, Bristol, UK 

I had my last child at the age of 48 and experienced none of the problems that you read about on so many other sites. I think that doctors should place more emphasis on the individual's health, rather than assuming that all women over 40 will have problems. There are so many other reasons why women experience problems with fertility and pregnancy, not just age. Oh, and before you ask, yes, my pregnancy was a totally natural conception - no fertility drugs or other artificial medical intervention. I am very healthy, don't smoke, don't drink and exercise regularly. Thank you so much for this site and for giving older women the support that they need.  Good luck to everyone after the age of 40 who is planning a baby.

Katherine, UK

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